The cost of domain registration can be as little as £10 for a and £35 for a .com however some companies are charging in excess of £100 for each.

If you want to register a domain name you can use 3k-design to do it for you however we will charge a £15 administration fee. Please note domain name registration fees and 1st year hosting fees are normaly waived as part of any development.

We recommend using one of the following two websites to register your domain name:

We also recommend that you consider registering alternative domain names, these can assist with helping your search engine placement. In our case, or would have been useful registrations.

3k design can advise you on this and other internet marketing stratagies that can assit with driving more customers towards your website.


One of the logos above is over twice the file size of the other, can you tell which one it is?

On closer inspection you should be able to see the one on the right is the graphic that has been optimised, the difference however is hardly noticable unless your actively looking for it. You may be suprised to know that the graphic on the left is 17k in size while the one on the right is only 7k.

Imagine a website where the graphics have not been properly optimised and then one created by 3k-design. You can see that we are not exaggerating when we say we significantly improve the performace of your website sometimes by over 100%. Essentially this means that your potential customers have a better experience of your website and are therefore more likely to develop a positive image of your company.

Check your own website now or one of your competitiors, its easy. Right click on any image or picture with your mouse and a drop down box will appear, select properties (the last menu item on the list) and the properties box will appear, next to size: will be a figure normally quoted in bytes i.e. 1000 bytes. There are 1000 bytes in 1k of information hence 17000 bytes = 17K. Try it on the image above or evaluate your own website. Note that sometimes designers break down large images into smaller squares.

Our Approach