Many companies change up to £60 per hour to make alterations to your website.

Look at the small print before you get involved with a web design company. An initial low cost may be coupled with expensive long term charges for things like hosting and updates to the site.

Never pay more than £20 for a domain name and £50 for a .com - they can be picked up for as little as £10 from online sellers like

Not all angels come from heaven

Investors forum is the northeast business angels network and has just gone active on the web. Business angels are an alternative to more conventional forms of finance as they are private investors who have already made their money and are now interested in investing in other businesses.

As an approved Entrust supplier 3k-design was a natural choice to assist with the development of this complex database driven website. The idea behind the site was to give potential investors a secure area in which they could view companies looking for finance and enquire further if interested. The main sections of the site were created using active server pages (asp) which are linked to a bespoke database containing client information. This information is then displayed dynamically on the web and can be easily updated via a database situated on the forums main computer.

All the Forum needs now are more investors and investees to use and enter into the site so if your company is interested in the possibilities of obtaining Business angel finance then visit