At 3k-design we have a talented and enthusiastic team. From time to time we do employ freelance staff for certain jobs. If you would like to be considered for future work opportunities please email a C.V. with links to any work.


E-media is our term for electronic media, essentially, anything to do with computers and the internet. In this section of our website you will find out more about the electronic media solutions we provide. We also intend to grow this section as a resource of information on new media products, services and emerging technologies.

As a company we try where possible to educate and empower you the client to make better use of emerging technologies that will aid your company in working more efficiently and increasing profitability.

Website Design (including ecommerce solutions)

The internet is a marketing persons dream and an excellent opportunity for your company to make a real impact. With a little knowledge and effort in the short term it is possible to make a real difference to your bottom line through cost effective promotion and additional customers. It is essential however that the design is right and that is where 3k-design will make the difference. Visit our clients section to see some examples of our work.

Additional Products

News Server - Add news articles to your website via the web.
Web Forum - Your own online forum allowing users to "post" questions
Directory Site - Create your own online searchable directory of companies, products or services.


The design of your website is only the first part of your electronic marketing strategy. Many companies complain that the internet does not work for them and that they never have visitors to their site. Electronic marketing is not difficult. We can assist you with developing a strategy and help you to implement it. Like most things, if you are prepared to put the effort in, results will follow.

Media Presentations (CD ROM, Plasma Screens, Projectors)

Making a positive impression is something that we talk about a lot at 3k-design. To stand out you need impact, you need to differentiate yourself, create an image, a lasting impression of your company that means when the time is right the client will call you first. Media presentation on CD ROM, plasma screens or projects with sound, speech, video and animation make you stand out from the crowd and if properly designed will create a positive lasting impression.


Basically an internal internet website for use by your employees, Intranets are a cost effective and efficient means of sharing information internally. These can be tied into internal database systems and certain sections can be accessed remotely through the internet by key staff, clients or suppliers. We can assist you with the development of these key internal systems and have the expertise to link them dynamically to the web.