Recent web database integration projects have included:

Find out about other projects in our clients section. Many of our database driven sites are password protected as they contain sensitive information; this will limit the pages that you will be able to view. If you would like a full demonstration of any of the sites listed, please contact us and we will allow you access to demonstration versions.

We have numerous years of experience in database development and have worked with both national and local clients (see our clients section) helping them establish systems that improve productivity, save time and increase profitability.

If you have a project in mind then we will have the expertise to carry it out.

Our technical expertise includes:-

Relational and Object Oriented database analysis and design

Database development using MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle.

Upsizing low volume prototype databases such as MS Access to strategic databases such as SQL Server and Oracle.

Synchronisation of web based data with legacy in-house database systems.

Replication of data between remote sites and mobile users.

Automated archiving and compacting tools.

Data Conversion/Cleansing/Integration. Source data in any format text/word processing documents, spreadsheets, and obsolete database systems can be converted/imported into any desired system, removing duplicates such as multiple records for the same customer.

Import/export data from packages such as Sage Accounting Software into your company database.

Data analysis / Mail or E-Mail Shots / Report development. E.g. Crystal Reports.